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Pest FAQ

  1. How should people prep their homes for services?

    For an interior pest treatment, please make sure we have access to most of the areas inside your home, primarily along baseboards and any problem areas. There’s no need to move any furniture. Bird cages and fish tanks should be covered. For both interior and exterior pest treatment, please pick up any children’s toys, pet food and water bowls.

  2. How does AT&PC help prevent pests?

    We suggest a quarterly pest control service schedule for those looking to prevent seasonal or recurring pest problems.  We target areas that are attractive to pests, as well as the spaces they frequently travel through. There may always be some pests in and around your home but treating your home on a regular schedule cuts down on the number of pests you will see significantly.

  3. How should I prepare my home for a flea/tick treatment?

    First and most importantly, if you have pets please have them treated for fleas and keep them out of the house until we have completed our service.  Also we recommend washing your pets’ bedding and removing it from your home until we finish our treatment. Vacuum areas such as carpets, floors and furniture if possible. Prior to treating your yard, please pick up any toys, pet food/water bowls.  Also make sure your yard has been mowed and the irrigation system is turned off.

  4. What kind of training and certification do AT&PC pest specialists undergo?

    We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service.  We attend mandatory yearly continue education classes as well.